Why is Yoga Identic With Women?

When we join a yoga class, you must agree that above 80% of the members are women. Men always consider that yoga is for women. As we know yoga is designed to anyone who wants to get healthy, not only women but also men.

There are a lot of benefits by practicing yoga including if we want to build up our muscles. And have you noticed 50% of yoga teachers and yoga masters are male? But for a man who wants to concentrate on building up muscles, they think yoga is too feminine as an activity and they won’t be able to build muscles by practicing yoga. Actually, a man can develop some muscles on his arms and his upper body had firmed up after practicing yoga for only about two months.

I suggest you to hold some poses such as chaturanga (plank pose) and vasishtasana (side plank pose) for several minutes every time when you practice. Of course each individual has his own body type and so one case may be different from another. Plus there are also other factors like one’s diet, discipline and overall lifestyle.

I encourage every man to just try doing yoga. Everyone has his own goal in choosing an activity. But before you judge, figure out first the benefits you would get in doing yoga. It doesn’t make you less of a man when you do yoga. Yoga has a lot of benefits than harm. You can also reduce your stress and tone up your muscles.

One more question: Have you noticed 50% of yoga teachers and yoga masters are male? So what are you waiting for? Join and practice yoga for your health.

Source by August Xu

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